I came to David Crystal with rather high expectations: radical score improvements in a short period of time. Dave and I put together a comprehensive plan and executed it! Within the span of 4 months, David helped me increase my SAT score by more than 500 points. Before I worked with Dave my dreams of attending a top university were unrealistic. Now I can pursue my dreams and it’s all thanks to him!

– Noah Kaplan, Miami Beach, FL

Dave Crystal and his Crystal Clear Tutoring program really made the SAT process easy and successful for me. With his comprehensive set of rules covering all aspects and possible scenarios in an SAT, I was able to enter the exam confidently and achieve high scores. Dave taught me how to think like the test writers, and I owe him tremendous gratitude for his services!

– Jacob Mitrani, Miami Beach, FL

Dave Crystal is one in a million. I hired him to tutor my daughter Alex after we had gone through three other tutors to no avail. After a few months of using the Crystal Clear Tutors method, Alex’s SAT score increased over 200 points, and she was only just beginning her Junior year. There is no doubt that at this at this rate she will get into the college of her choice.

– Terry Takesian, Miami Beach, FL

After months of studying for the ACT on my own, I sought Dave’s help and can honestly say that this was the best decision I could have made. Dave not only helped me earn a perfect score on the English section of the ACT, but he also boosted my score in each of the other three sections. He connects with his students and explains the material in a personalized, intriguing, and effective way. I will never forget what Dave did for me as he constantly motivated me and helped me succeed in such a vital part in the college process. For this, I will be thankful to him forever!

– Mahima Agarwal, Miami, FL

Dave Crystal of Crystal Clear Tutors has truly been a life saver and an exceptional tutor. He is well-versed in a number of subjects and has tremendous insight. After struggling with a Philosophy course, I am now more confident and acing assignments. Dave is patient, prompt, and friendly. I would truly have been at a disadvantage without him.

– Maria Haugland, Miami, FL

Dave Crystal of Crystal Clear Tutors tutored me for the SAT. He gave me many strategies for the SAT, all of which have proven really helpful. I improved my performance, especially on my weakest sub-test, Reading. Thank you very much, Dave! I recommend Dave as a tutor.

– Maria Jose Dassum, Quito, Ecuador

Crystal Clear Tutors was extremely helpful in preparing for the SAT. The test is broken down in ways that are easy to understand. Useful tips are also given in selecting answers and gaining time. If you listen to everything, then your score should go up at least 200 points, like mine. I recommend using Crystal Clear Tutors to help prepare!

– Rebecca Epstein, Miami, FL

With the help of David Crystal of Crystal Clear Tutors, I was able to raise my SAT score by over 100 points in just a week. Before then, I had been unsuccessfully studying for over a year. I highly recommend Crystal Clear Tutors for SAT preparation. 

– Chad,  Miami, FL  

David Crystal was very instrumental in helping me achieve my SAT score goal. He showed m many helpful tricks and tips to maximize my weaker areas. One of the most important areas he helped me with was how to use my time wisely according to the type of question.

– Jakey Stein,  Bay Harbour, FL

Dave Crystal helped me raise my SAT score higher than I ever could imagine. I raised my score 520 points in comparison to my PSAT. Dave’s services gave me the privilege of applying to top tier colleges that I used to believe were too hard to get into. I am indebted to Dave’s methodological approach to such a crucial part of the college application process.

– David Mann, Miami, FL

Dave worked with my daughter on the English portion of her SAT. That’s where she needed the most improvement. After just 2 cycles, she was able to raise her overall score by 90 points, to a total score of 1510! Dave individualizes his lesson plans to the student’s specific needs, and is easy to work with. Thank you, Dave!

–  Maggie Dray,  NMB, FL

I used Crystal Clear Tutors and Dave Crystal for SAT tutoring for all three of my children. Not only did they exceed expectations and scores (in one case jumping up over 300 points), but they improved their work in all their classes.

Dave is clear with his expectations and framework – it works!

–  Laylah Bulman  Biscayne Park, FL

The team and leadership of Crystal Clear Tutors has always been a group of people who want the best out of their students and offer the best of services and knowledge to their students. If you want your child to have a better chance of attending a good/Ivy League University, you should definitely contact Crystal Clear Tutors!

–  Simon Carvil,  Miami Beach, FL