Q: What is Crystal Clear Tutors?

A: Crystal Clear Tutors is a private one-on-one test prep tutoring service specializing in SSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT and GMAT preparation and dedicated exclusively to students who wish to attend top schools, particularly Ivy League programs. CCT tutors travel to your home or other preferred location, and of course are available on Zoom and Skype to students around the world.

Q: What makes Crystal Clear Tutors so special?

  1. At CCT our motto is: “Today’s Ivy Leaguers teaching tomorrow’s Ivy Leaguers.” We believe in leading and teaching by example. As such, ALL of our tutors have at least one Ivy League degree. Just the fact that we’ve been there ourselves inspires students to believe that they too can make it there. Furthermore, we fundamentally believe that every student is unique and learns differently and as such we have developed proprietary methods to quickly clarify each student’s respective strengths and weaknesses so to efficiently maximize those strengths and minimize those weaknesses.
  2. At CCT we recognize that the test is a subject in and of itself. It’s not enough to learn the subject matter being tested; a successful test-taker must learn how the test is designed and how to deconstruct it in real time and under pressure. AT CCT we recognize that you are hiring us not so much to educate you, but to maximize your test score. As such, we not only teach you how to tackle every type of problem, but also teach you the science of guessing, in the event that you cannot solve the problem.
  3. We tutor at ALL reasonable hours (per your convenience and subject to availability). It is not unheard of to tutor a client until midnight if those hours are so desired.

Q: What is Crystal Clear Tutors’s success rate?:

A: To date, we have tutored over 600 students in a variety of different subjects, mostly in standardized test preparation. 100% of our standardized test prep clients have increased their respective test scores, most dramatically so. All of our college-bound clients have achieved admission into top-100 universities (ranked by US News and World Report); and most of our clients who have Ivy League aspirations have achieved admittance into at least one Ivy League program.